Friday, April 29, 2011

Strawberry Tart

Hubby has been away on business, I'm celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary by myself.  Watched a bit of the royal wedding online.  Will & Kate, they make such a cute couple.  I love Kate's wedding dress.  I decided not to have the white wedding dress when I got married. Now, I, sometimes, sort of regretted it.  I didn't believe in spending $20K on a wedding dress to wear just for one day, and I simply did not even consider renting one for the occasion.  I chose to buy the most exquisite French chantilly lace for a tailor-made qi-pao.  It was a beautiful dress, and I was hoping there would be other occasions I could wear the dress again.  Dress is still here, but the person who wore it has gained over 10 lbs since then.  I am still hopeful that some day I will be able to wear the dress again.  Maybe on my 10th wedding anniversary...

Brought the strawberry tart to visit my granny who suffered multiple injuries from falling down the stairs 2 days ago.  She has been such a trooper, kudos to her.  It is going to take some time for her to fully recover from the fall but I know she will get through this.  

Dear grandma, I love you!!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tang Zhong Toast v. 2

I recently got blasted by my sister in-law because last time I posted my Tang Zhong Toast post and forgot to quote her recipe:  

It was really innocent.  She had emailed me the recipe and I simply "cut & pasted" it on my blog.  What's even more interesting is that she never uttered a word... I only learned of my terrible oversight recently when she not-so-casually brought it up.  So here it is, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to Rita.  

As much as I think her recipe is wonderful,  I have been looking for other Tang Zhong Toast recipes, just to see how different the bread will turn out.  Last night I tried this:

I doubled the ingredients in order to make 2 loaves.  The bread turned out to be very soft, moist, and fluffy.  24 hours later the bread is still as soft, moist, and fluffy.  I can't get enough of these Tang Zhong Toast!