Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flaky Mooncakes with Custard Filling (酥皮奶黃)

More mooncakes!

Pardon me for not posting the recipe here because I am not entirely happy with it.  The crust is supposed to be flaky, mine turned out to be somewhat like cookie, a tough one too.  It's possible that I worked the dough too much but then when I mixed the ingredients, the texture just didn't look or feel right.  Luckily, after a day, the crust softens and it tastes much better than they were just out of the oven yesterday.  

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Cherry said...

I read that you are supposed to wait 3 days before you eat the baked moon cakes. The oil from the filling will penetrate to the crust to make it shiny. Not sure if it will soften the crust in your case, but worth to try!