Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Snow-skin" Mooncakes with Custard Filling

I'm still here!

Some of my friends wondered why I have not been baking.  I have, just not as much as I used to.  It's mainly because, well, I have been lazy since I came back from Hawaii.  The trip was great and everything... but I saw a very fat Jennifer in every pics taken there.  It's time that I really lose some weight and I decided to stop baking for the time being.

And of course, I cheated... because this recipe does not require baking.  

Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching but I have never been crazy about mooncakes.  Traditional mooncakes usually have lotus seed paste as filling, which I found too sweet and oily.  In recent years, people have come up with interesting ways to make mooncakes.  "Snow-skin" mooncakes (冰皮月餅) have quickly become one of the most popular among the younger generation.  There are many variation when it comes to the filling of the snow-skin mooncakes.  I picked custard because it is simply my all-time favourite.  

Here are some research I have done and it proves most helpful in the process of making these adorable mooncakes (unfortunately they are all in Chinese):

I am very happy with the result.  The mooncakes are not too sweet (quite low in fat and sugar) and I love the chewiness of the snow-skin.  They look so pretty!  


jollymommy said...

very nice! good job!

Cherry said...

I tried making snow skin a few years back and they failed tragically. But yours look so perfect! Now you gotta teach me how to do it.